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Information on how to file noise (and/or) air pollution community complaints

Santa Monica Airport's WebTrak system is available to the public. It is helpful when you want to submit a complaint, once you learn how to use this system.

File a Noise/Emissions Complaint Form with the City of Santa Monica at:

You can complain about both Emissions and Noise

Give the date and the exact time.

We are told that Airport Staff logs all complaints and those records are kept in a database.

You can also call Stelios Makrides at 310- 434-2693,

Or you can call the Airport Noise hotline at (310) 458-8692.

Please do not get discouraged and continue to report all your complaints.

Let me know if you have any problems.


Also: Fill out the form below to send your complaints to: , to show (minus names and addresses) on our website.


Noise & Fume Complaint Form

 The complaints that we get are separate from the Santa Monica Airport's official complaint system.



To fill out the form below, check one or both boxes, fill out the information. In the description box, you may want to include the duration and intensity of the event as you experienced it. I suggest jotting the information in a notebook and entering it here at your convenience. It is important to be specific about the time, date, and place of a fume event.


This information will be data that can be used to determine the extent of the jet fumes, how far and in what directions they travel.


Sometimes the information you submit to us (minus names and addresses) will be reported to the Santa Monica Airport Commission to show the extent of S.M. Airport impacts.


We need all the data that we can get. The more data that we get the clearer the mapping of the information will be. We urge you all to participate.


Thank you.

Click to read the complaints received(minus names and addresses).



(Fill this form out and then click Submit)

E-mail address
Location of Event:
Date of Event:
Time of Event:
Fully describe your experience. For a fume event, did you need to go inside or have to close your windows? For a noise event, what kind of noise bothered you? Was it reverse thrusters, high shrill from idling jets, take offs, or landings etc. Feel free to go into detail.

Thank you for filling out your complaint. I will reply that I received it if you filled in your e-mail address. If you don't receive a reply back, please e-mail me so that I can look into it.

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