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Why No CA Prop 65 warning at SMO Observation Deck ?
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February 2, 2005 -Teterboro, N.J.- corporate jet skids over highway.
Plane Crash - March 16th, 2004


SMO jet operations from 1983 - Graph

The Federal Aviation Administration’s Director’s Determination that Santa Monica Airport’s Grant Assurances Run until 2023

National Quiet Skies Petition

We hope this document adds to the national dialogue ahead of the

March, 2016 congressional hearings on the FAA’s reauthorization bill.

Thanks to all who contributed their time and expertise to this effort.

Please sign this “live” petition at:


Video of Santa Monica City Council meeting with agenda item 8-D.  (total time - about 1 hour and 30 minutes).
8.D. Potential Options for Reducing Emissions at Santa Monica Airport

Letter from Congressman Lieu sent October 07, 2015 to the EPA today, along with 21 other members of Congress, supporting a strong carbon pollution rule for airplane emissions.

July 14, 2015 letter from City of Los Angeles Councilmember Mike Bonin to Santa Monica City Council

July 15, 2015 letter from Congressman Ted Lieu to FAA Administrator Michael Huerta


Ode To Breathing

This "light-hearted" video supports taking immediate action to close the Santa Monica Airport responsible for deadly toxic emissions and carcinogens like lead from the planes, noise pollution and safety hazards adversely affecting the health and quality of life of those in the surrounding and immediate areas.

(Lyrics, music, and vocals by Carolyn Goldman)
(Member of Concerned Residents Against Airport Pollution)

(6minutes and 48 seconds)



March 24, 2015
Letter to Santa Monica Mayor McKeown
and Council Members

Congress Representatives
Ted Lieu (33rd Congressional District)
 Karen Bass (37th Congressional District)


In a letter to the FAA dated November 7, 2013 Congresswoman Karen Bass strongly encourages the FAA to consider allowing the SMO permit to expire at the end of 2015, ultimately closing the airport.



"Airport2Park, an investment for the future" video in two parts on this YouTube playlist.
"Airport2Park, an Investment for the Future"


Information on how to file Santa Monica Airport (SMO) noise (and/or) air pollution community complaints




November 30, 2011 HEARING

"Air Pollution Basics and the Santa Monica Airport"


Now available on a YouTube Playlist for easier access to opening and closing statements by Senator Lieu and Councilman Rosendahl, individual testimony by scientists and community groups, as well public comments:


CA Senate Select Committee on Air Quality - SMO - 11/2011


Purpose: To provide a brief overview on air pollution for CA Senate committee members, to review and study scientific findings about air pollution caused by Santa Monica Airport including research conducted by UCLA, the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) and the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), and to place into the public record.




December, 2011/January, 2012




December, 2011 -  (PDF - 2.32 MB)



Look Up In The Sky

(SEA-TAC activist Debi Wagner's YouTube video)
(2 minutes 37 seconds)



This new Website is hosted by:
Concerned Residents Against Airport Pollution

(We are not affiliated with the City of Santa Monica.)  is dedicated to addressing the future of Santa Monica Airport (SMO). Now is the time to focus on the future of the 227 acres of land that is now Santa Monica Airport.

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Your ideas are welcome.

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Santa Monica v. FAA




We challenge celebrities, dignitaries and all others who travel into and out of Santa Monica Airport by jet to sign the:



January 11, 2010  Forum was excellent - standing room only!

The Science of Santa Monica Airport Air Pollution


“Aircraft Emission Impacts in a Neighborhood Adjacent to a General Aviation Airport in Southern California”
UCLA Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
 FULL TEXT ARTICLE Available for a fee 


Two pages of a Department Of Transportation (DOT) / Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) document dated 5/26/89; Take a look at the top of page 2 on "Critical Jet Blast Areas".

The following February 9, 2010 FRONTLINE investigative report is very insightful. I recommend watching the full report. Click on the embedded screen below to watch the 56 minute report, and there are extra interviews available.


Santa Monica to the West side
West Los Angeles to the East side

Santa Monica Airport looks like an aircraft carrier in a sea of homes.

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    * * A Noteworthy Quote * *  
"... no one has the right to endanger public health by altering the chemistry of the air we breathe."                 
The former mayor of Houston, Texas, Bill White, put polluters on notice that their actions would not be tolerated in a city that has vied with Los Angeles for the nation's worst smog.
We now need Santa Monica local officials, and our U.S. Representatives to do the same!


This website is a community service, concentrating on the area around the Santa Monica Airport in California. However, we recognize that air and noise pollution as well as other environmental and safety concerns from jet aircraft is a national and global issue, and we invite all to use this website. We hope to be able to join together interested parties, from all states, to form a national caucus, in order that we can direct our governmental officials to mandate changes in how the FAA regulates air transportation.

This Website,and how effective we are is up to the collective efforts of all of us.The investment of time does not have to be great, but if we invest our time and efforts wisely, the returns can be enormous. Get involved, get on our contact list to be informed, E-mail your suggestions, collect data on fumes from jets, call the airport staff, call city officials from both Santa Monica and Los Angeles, and know that we have a right to fresh air!

Santa Monica Airport neighbors,

(West L.A., Venice, Mar Vista, Santa Monica, Rancho Park, Cheviot Hills, etc.)
LAX Airport Neighbors,
 other areas around the USA impacted by Commercial and General Aviation Airports:

We are joining together to form a
 unified voice
addressing the ever-growing problems of Air and Noise Pollution, as well as other environmental and safety concerns due to the increased jet traffic and jet size at Santa Monica Airport and other airports around the country.

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