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This site provides pictures - a printable, high-density one is available at the end of the Blues Matters Interview page (see the link at the end of this page) - and a bio of Jesse; links to his mother - 
Barbara Dane, his father - 
Rolf Cahn, and to the venerable Oklahoma artist - Miss Blues.  What You are listening to is a clip of the first cut - 'Key To The Highway' - from Jesse's great solo acoustic CD "Nobody's Fault But Mine" You can purchase it or the new, all original, full band CD: 
"Jesse Cahn's AmeriCahnA" by contacting Jesse directly at the email address link at the bottom of this page.


Jesse Cahn grew up in the coffeehouse scene of the early sixties. His mother - Barbara Dane - is a renowned Blues and Traditional Jazz singer and his father - Rolf Cahn - was an accomplished and revered guitarist and teacher. Both of his parents owned and operated music venues.
He says "I cannot remember a time when music was not a part of my life. One of my earliest memories is of Jesse Fuller -the famed songster and author of 'San Francisco Bay Blues' - coming to the house hauling along a prototype of his famous 'Footdella', a bass instrument constructed out of piano parts that he played with his right foot as part of his one man band."  Other influences were K.C. Douglas - author of 'Mercury Blues', Brownie McGee, Mance Lipscomb, and Lightnin' Hopkins, all of whom he knew personally and who's styles are blended into his own.
Jesse went on to play in several bands during the Rock era of the Sixties, (including drums with the great and legendary Chambers Brothers),  in the late Seventies Jesse leaned towards Classic Country, fronting his own band - "Jesse Chisholm & The Goodnight-Loving Band" until the early Nineties.  (Jesse released a single on the 'Big Name Records' label - "Lady Come Lately" B/W "Burning Desire" - which was added to the playlists of over 250 stations nationwide under that name.)
Since the mid-Nineties he has concentrated on bringing his brand of Blues - Acoustic and Electric - as well as his well honed Originals and great eclectic AmeriCahnA to the Oklahoma City area. He also tours Europe and the United States spreading the 'gospel' of down home Blues, Roots & Originals. His latest CD is called
"Jesse Cahn's AmeriCahnA" and can be purchased through the email link below.


Jesse specializes in teaching and performing acoustic fingerstyle Blues as well as Roots and Originals which he has gathered and composed over a lifetime of musical experience. Teaching the history of the Blues and doing guitar seminars and workshops is another rewarding aspect of his career.
He also occassionally fronts a kickass electric Blues band -
'Junkyard Dogs' as well as an acoustic trio formed of himself and two other veteran artists.
Another important dimension to this multi-talented entertainer and educator is the unique Duo he has had with Miss Blues.  They did a presentation called "Reminiscence of The Blues" which was both entertaining and educational and was featured in February 2003 at the African American Museum in Dallas, TX. Check out Miss Blues at:

Miss Blues


You can hear the first cut - Key To The Highway - off of Jesse Cahn's great solo acoustic CD "Nobody's Fault But Mine" by clicking on the [Listen to Jesse Now!] link below.  You can then purchase it, if you wish, by contacting him directly through the e-mail address below.
Also you can e-mail Jesse RIGHT NOW (so you don't forget) using the convenient link below.  (If you want to be added to his mailing list so you can keep current on all the great musical happenings he is involved with, just let him know.)

Jesse saz: "If you visit my mother's site through the link below, please know that Mom and I agree on some things politically and on others we disagree.  If you want my political views on a particular issue or candidate, please email me and let's visit.... Peace,  Jesse."




Barbara Dane

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