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Distant Healing

The Order of the Ascending Spirit does distant healing upon request. To make a request just write to me at

We would appreciate having the first name of the person for whom healing is being requested and an approximate location—city and country, for instance. You may request spiritual healing and/or prayer support for any type of problem. We very much appreciate receiving feedback, but it isn't required.
To understand a little more of what we do when we are sending healing, please see Distant Healing for a basic healing exercise. You can also this exercise for healing yourself or sending healing to others.

Stones on the Blessing Cairn

On the land where I live there is a heap of earth that is slowly being covered with stones. Each stone represents a wish, a dream, a hope, an expression of gratitude. It is a place of interaction with the Faery Otherworld where we meet to bless and help and enjoy one another. You can read more about this at

If you would like, you can have a stone placed there for you. Simply write to me at and tell me your intended request or 'thank you' and I'll attend to it with pleasure.

Free Online Discussion Groups

There are several online discussion groups available. Some of them discuss faeries and the Faeries' Oracle, and some discuss other things. Also free, there is a newsletter you can subscribe to. Just click here to be magically (or at least, electronically) transported to a page with information on them: E-mail Discussion Groups.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Jessica Macbeth

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