Seminars & Classes by Jessica Macbeth

Port Townsend, Washington
1 April 2004

The Thursday Night Class

In this continuing class we'll be exploring many areas of psychic and spiritual development. Meditation, hands-on healing, distant healing, imagery and visualisation, the chakra system, tarot and oracle working (especially the Faeries' Oracle), intuitive counselling, psychic art, otherworld arts, dowsing, scrying, the ethics of psychic and spiritual work, kything, making flower essences, and many other intuitive skills will be studied in depth as the course continues.
The contents of this class are not scheduled far in advance. Instead, I focus on the needs and desires of the students for particular learning and experience, making sure that they also acquire the foundation basics in a wide variety of skills. The work is very strongly experiential. Because I am, among other things, a healer, spiritual healing in its broadest sense is very much a part of all that we do.

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Course time: nearly every Thursday evening, 7:30-10 PM
$45 per month
Enrollment: Students may join this on-going course for one month at a time, and enrollment is renewable each month. The group is limited to a maximum of eight members. New students may join at any time until that maximum is reached.