For you, Dear Heart, for Solstice, Yule, Christmas, or
whatever winter holidays you celebrate...

The Starmaker's Apprentice

          In the wheel of the year,
          when the sun swings low,
          when the cold is bitter,
          and night so forever long,
          we think of endings and time past.
          We make loud noises
          and we light fires
          to frighten our fears away.

          Yet, in the very heart of the mystery,
          from the ash of long dead stars,
          new light is always being born.

          Among those living flickers,
          the three-fold Maiden plays
          with new-birthed stars.
          Light-foot, she dances ;
          and sings them to splendor.
          Sometimes, child-like, she forgets
          and leaves them hidden
          in the gloom of lonely dust clouds
          or on the tenebrous edges
          of galaxies—and yet they thrive.

          In the days and years to come, my dear,
          as Earthmother spins around
          and the Maiden sings her lightful song,
          may you ever be strongly aglow.
          Wherever you find yourself,
          whatever surrounds you, light and dark,
          may you be as joyfully bright as she!

Jessica Macbeth

Copyright © 2005 by Jessica Macbeth. All rights reserved.
Neither the painting nor the poem may be reprinted anywhere
without written permission.

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