Peace Activist, Jerry Rubin
Rubin's 2014 recommendations for candidates & ballot measures.
Santa Monica City Council Campaign Platform 2014 (updating periodically)
Rubin's 2014 recommendations for candidates & ballot measures.
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Santa Monica 
City Council, School Board, College Board 

City Council:

Mayor Pam O'Connor (incumbent)  
Councilmember Kevin McKeown (incumbent), & former Planning Commissioner Frank Gruber.
I think that both incumbents deserve to be re-elected. I appreciate the work Mayor O'Connor is doing on the Metro Board & her work on promoting the Well Being Project. I think she is an excellent Mayor and has contributed much to help our great City. Although I might disagree with some of Councilmember McKeown's votes, I do think he is an extremely dedicated and hard working member of the Council. Frank Gruber would be an excellent addition to our City Council. He is an experienced, fair and well-reasoned community leader. His leadership in helping to start the Airport 2 Park group is very commendable.

School Board:

Laurie Lieberman (incumbent)
Oscar de la Torre (incumbent)
Ralph Mechur (incumbent)
Richard Tahvildaran- Jesswein
All of the dedicated School Board incumbents deserve to be re-elected. As a longtime teacher, activist and community leader Mr. Tahvildaran- Jesswein would also be a good addition to the School Board.

College Board:

Nancy Greenstein
Louise Jaffe
Barry Snell
Andrew Walzer
All four incumbents on the College Board fully deserve to be re-elected.

Rent Control Board:

Todd Flora (incumbent)
Nicole Phillis
Steve Duron
All three will serve our renter's needs in a most conscientious manner.

Local Santa Monica Airport Ballot Measures:
NO on "D" (Deceptive!)
YES on "LC" (Local

ALSO: Yes on "H" & "HH"

State Senate:
Ben Allen

U.S. Congress:
Ted Lieu

Board of Supervisors:
Sheila Kuehl

Thanks to all the candidates!