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thought we'd leave it on my 2012 campaign website to remind everyone just how fantastic Santa Monica is, and why Marissa and I love living here. And now we will add more during my 2014 campaign. 



   Started August 9, 2010 and will continue soon. Entered daily by: Jerry and Marissa Rubin

Aug.9 : Feeding the hummingbirds at home in our outdoor garden patio.

Aug. 10: The many wonderful Santa Monica Big Blue Bus drivers and the B.B.B. great drivers and great service.

Aug. 11: The Santa Monica High School students' creative theatrical and musical productions.

Aug. 12: The friendliest servers anywhere at the Third Street Promenade Starbucks.

Aug. 13: The inspiring classes and teachers at S.M. Emeritus College.

Aug. 14: The hard- working, helpful Ambassadors in the S.M.Downtown District.

Aug. 15: The exhilerating and heart-warming S.M. Symphony Orchestra free concerts at the S.M. Civic Auditorium.

Aug. 16: The view of everywhere from atop the solar-powered S.M. Pier Ferris Wheel.

Aug. 17: Our many wonderful Farmers Markets throughout the City

Aug. 18: Having groups like Heal the Bay to help protect our Ocean, beach and environment.

Aug. 19: The 26-foot tall "Chain Reaction" nuclear mushroom cloud sculpture in the Civic Center that was created and donated by the Pulitzer Prize winning L.A. Times political cartoonist Paul Conrad.

Aug. 20: The Camera Obscura next to the senior center in Palisades Park.

Aug. 21: The beautiful rose garden in Palisades Park.

Aug. 22: Our concerned and very active neighborhood organizations.

Aug. 23: The dedicated and hard-working people who serve on our advisory Santa Monica Commissions, Boards and Task Forces.

Aug. 24: The creative and inspiring wall mural at Virginia Avenue Park.

Aug. 25: The many fascinating and interesting diverse local residents and visitors from all over the country and all over the world.

Aug. 26: Santa Monica's ever growing interest and promotion of bicycle transportation.

Aug. 27: The City's excellent recycling programs.

Aug. 28: The fact that even with lots of wonderful tourists and visitors, Santa Monica still has a small town feel.

Aug. 29: The 80-foot tall historic Moreton Bay Fig Tree at the Miramar Sheraton Hotel.

Aug. 30: The Eli and Edyth Broad Stage that benefits S.M.C. students and the community.

Aug. 31: The concern and assistance the City and community groups give to help the homeless.

Sept. 1: The new Main Library, its Martin Luther King Auditorium and all of their helpful staff.

Sept. 2: The diverse and talented street performers and artists on the Third Street Promenade and Pier. 

Sept. 3: The chess area and giant-sized sidewalk chess board on Ocean Front Walk, just south of the S.M. Pier.

Sept. 4: Vidiots great selection of vintage, contmporary, documentary and independent DVD's, and their great new screening room annex.

Sept. 5: Santa Monica's culturally-positive Sister City Program.

Sept. 6: The year-round and well lit Santa Monica Beach Volleyball Courts on the sand next to the Pier.

Sept. 7: The inspiring and educational Aquarium below the S.M. Pier.

Sept. 8: The International Youth Hostel in the Downtown District.

Sept. 9: Our community and family-friendly neighborhood Dog Parks.

Sept. 10: Our Santa Monica Historical Museum and our ongoing committment to preserving our City's history.

Sept. 11: The respectful Veterans Memorial in Palisades Park.

Sept. 12:  The wonderful programing and staff at our award-winning Santa Monica City TV.

Sept. 13:  Outstanding and dedicated groups like Step Up On Second which helps people with severe and persistent mental illness.

Sept. 14:  The City of Santa Monica Volunteer Program, which promotes community participation, civic pride and personal satisfaction.

Sept. 15:  The Ken Edwards Center, which serves as a vibrant community meeting facility, and which was named for our late dedicated and wonderful Mayor.

Sept. 16:  The City maintenace crew's ongoing hard work to keep our Third Street Promenade clean each and every day.

Sept. 17:  The Santa Monica couple riding the Blue Bus together (forgot their names) who said they've been married for 72 years.

Sept. 18:  The fun and safe City skate parks.

Sept. 19:  Perrys Pizza at our Santa Monica Beach (Give Pizza a Chance!).

Sept. 20:  One Life health food store in Ocean Park, which has been there for so many decades.

Sept. 21:  The lovely Children's Tree of Life in Palisades Park near the Pier.

Sept. 22:  The wonderful and very community oriented Chez Jay eatery on Ocean Avenue in the Civic Center. 

Sept. 23:  The exciting trapeze lessons and performances given on the S. M. Pier. 

Sept. 24:  The Santa Monica Office of Sustainability and the Environment, whose staff does so much important work.

Sept. 25:  The Santa Monica Folk Music Club led by Ross Altman.

Sept. 26:  The most wonderful, expansive and joyful artistic            experience of GLOW.

Sept. 27:  The top-notch and highly regarded Santa Monica Playhouse.

Sept. 28:  The Church in Ocean Park as a loving, supportive and open-to-all place of worship and community.

Sept. 29:  The Bubble Man on the Santa Monica Pier.

Sept. 30:  The way Santa Monica maintains its Triple A Bond Rating as well as its high standards of environmental integrity and sustainability.   

Oct. 1:  The annual Fourth of July parade put on by the Ocean Park Association.

Oct. 2:  The platinum LEED developed Robert Redford Building, which serves as the offices of the dedicated environmental group Natural Resources Defense Council.

Oct. 3:  The City's Seascape periodical, which is a real wealth of information on so very many programs and activities, etc., etc.

Oct. 4:  The Ben and Jerry's (first one east of the Mississippi) ice cream parlor on Main Street.

Oct. 5:  The Veterans for Peace Arlington West memorial set up every Sunday on the beach just north of the Pier.

Oct. 6:  The large green-covered dinosaur sculptures on the Third Street Promenade.

Oct. 7:  The fantastic Twilight Dance Concerts held every summer on the S.M. Pier.

Oct. 8:  The friendly, popular and healthful vegan restaurant Real Food Daily. 

Oct. 9:   The fascinating and educational Planetarium at Santa Monica College.

Oct. 10:  The Annenberg Beach House, which provides so many recreational, educational and cultural activities year round to the public.

Oct. 11:  The longtime great musical venue and guitar shop McCabes.

Oct. 12:  The health conscious Santa Monica Homeopathic Pharmacy.

Oct. 13:  The culturally diversified and community focused Santa Monica Bay Woman's Club.

Oct. 14:  The lively Dance Doctor (John Cassese) studio downtown on Fourth Street.

Oct. 15:  S.M. Community Corporation providing low income housing throughout the City.

Oct.16:  (Marissa's birthday today!) The joyful exhilarating feeling when riding the S.M. Pier Carousel. 

Oct. 17:  No, the entertaining and creative downtown area Magicopolis is not an illusion.

Oct. 18:  The fun and family-oriented "Ice" ice- skating rink in the Downtown District.

Oct. 19:  Peter's Barber Shop downtown, arguably the friendliest, best and least expensive anywhere. 

Oct. 20:  The great lanes at the AMF Bayshore Bowling Center across from the S.M. Civic Auditorium. 

Oct. 21:  The serenity and grace of the Saint Monica statue in the S.M. Palisades Park.

Oct. 22:  The "Shine Time" shoe shine stand on the Third Street Promenade.

Oct. 23:  The WISE Transportation and Mobility Program convenient "Dial-a-Ride" Service.

Oct. 24:  The United Nations Monument in Palisades Park.

Oct. 25:  The annual family and community-oriented Santa Monica Festival in Clover Park.

Oct. 26:  The enjoyable Sunday evening Jazz on the Lawn summer concerts outside S.M. City Hall.

Oct. 27:  The fun and recreational lawn bowling at S.M. Douglas Park.

Oct. 28:  The convenient, clean, environmentally friendly and award-winning restrooms on the S.M. Pier.

Oct. 29:  The exciting and creative artist studios at Bergamot Station.

Oct. 30:   Printland, the community-oriented, quality and good service family owned printing shop.

Oct. 31:  Make Believe costume shop, for those who want "make believe" to become costumed for any and all occasions and celebrations.

Nov. 1:  Great film industry shows like the American Film Market annual happening in Santa Monica.

Nov. 2:  The hard-working Santa Monica election volunteer poll workers and City staff that help make our local elections run so smoothly. 

*Well, that's it for now. The election is over. Congratulations to all the Santa Monica candidates who were elected! And many thanks to all the candidates who participated in the election campaign!
AND, WE CORDIALLY REMIND you to attend the "Why I Love Santa Monica" Public Community Forum at 7:00PM on Monday, November 8 at Santa Monica's Ken Edwards Center so we can continue to share our individual positive reasons collectively. 

See you then,
Jerry and Marissa Rubin



From: Chuck Levin, Santa Monica resident-
"One of my favorite things about Santa Monica is Co-Opportunity."

From: Arthur Nakane, One Man Band street performer on S.M.Pier-
(Spelling: "SANTA MONICA"): S-sun and sea A-amusement park N-new and old restaurants T- theatres A- arts and artists M-music and entertainment O-outdoor mall (promenade) N-novelty shops I-indoor mall (s.m. place) C-carousel and pier A-apartments and hotels