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These pages outline my naval career and provide an insight into what type of work I did.
Some of the pages are stories and events that I was able to witness. Enjoy your visit.

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A brief chronological listing of the commands I served in and pay grade progression.

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Aviation Ordnance was my specialty, worked with exceptional people and loved it all.

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A brief description of ships, squadrons and duty stations in chronological order.

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My Change of Charge and Retirement Ceremony when detaching from Mobile Missile Maintenance Unit One, NAS Cubi Pt., Republic of the Phillipines.

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VA-25 rigged up a toilet and dropped it over Vietnam in 1965, click on it and read about it.

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VA-25 shoots down a Mig during the 1965 cruise. Click on it and read about the Air Combat and pilots involved.

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I Was a Sailor Once by Vice Admiral Koenig


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The Cubi Cat is a must read. It entertained pilots from all branch's of the service and dignitaries.

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A Salute to Chief Petty Officers, The Back Bone of the Navy.

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Real Chief's

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Many Navy and personal Links available for your perusal.

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United States Aircraft Carriers

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