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TCMA and its partner KFAI Radio, were recently selected to receive a New Voices grant from J-Lab, the Institute for Interactive Journalism at the University of Maryland. Ours was one of 10 projects selected for funding, from oer 240 proposals. Here;s the announcement.

New Voices

Twin Cities Community Newswire
Jeremy Iggers of the Twin Cities Media Alliance
and Ann Alquist of KFAI Radio

• Minneapolis


Twin Cities Community Newswire
1808 Riverside Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55454
(612) 341-3144 ext. 16

To create a Web site to launch during the 2005 municipal elections for community media outlets and citizen journalists to post and share print, audio and video news stories focused on the racially and ethnically diverse population of the Twin Cities. Inviting content on such topics as immigration, police/community relations, public safety, environment, the site will post stories from individuals and enable minority and ethnic journalists to reach a larger audience.

Quarterly reports from the Twin Cities Community Newswire will be posted here as they arrive. The first quarterly report is due in late summer 2005.

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