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                                    Saturday, June 4th  
                                    1 PM - 5 PM
                                    Hamline University
                                    Klas Center
                                    Taylor and Snelling, St. Paul
                                    FREE or $5.00 donation
                                    KEYNOTE SPEAKER 1:00 PM
                                    WENDY WILDE
                                    AIR AMERICA MINNESOTA 950 am
                                    Holding the Media Accountable:
                                    Gary Gilson, Minnesota News Council
                                    Kate Parry, Minneapolis Star Tribune
                                    Scott Johnson,
                                    Rob Levine,
                                    Making Your Own Media:
                                    John Slade, Counter Propaganda Coalition
                                    Janis Lane-Ewert, KFAI Fresh Air Radio
                                    Chuck Olsen, director of Blogumentary
                                    Pam Colby, Minneapolis Telecommunications Network
                                    WORKSHOPS (run concurrently)
                                    3-4 p.m.
                                    How to Be a "Glocal" Journalist
                                    Children, Families, and the Media
                                    Taking Legislative Action on Media Reform
                                    4-5 p.m.
                                    Getting on TV with Community Access Cable
                                    The Internet Media Revolution
                                    Corporate Media: How and Why it Fails Us
                                    Community Media and Activist Tables
                                    HOSTED BY: The Hamline University Political Science Department
                                    The Twin Cities Media Alliance ( ~ Minnesota Media Reform 
                                    Free Media Greens ( ~ The Counter Propaganda Coalition 

For more details, contact Jeremy Iggers