"   Nicholas and Jennifer   "

How we met: Yahoo On-line Personals

When:  Mar 04

First Date:  11 Jul 04

1st movie seen together:  "Spider-Man 2" (2nd: "The Notebook", 3rd: "Princess Diaries")

Engaged:  18 Mar 06 in Half Moon Bay, San Francisco (at the Old Thyme Bed & Breakfast)

Married:  2 Jun 07 in Red Bud, Illinois (at the Magnolia Place, a 19th century home)


Hawaii - Feb 2005

Jennifer at the Keauhou Resort

Jennifer near Mount Kilauea at the Volcano National Park in Hawaii.  Here, the lava has taken over a nearby road.

Inside the Kilauea Crater

Jenny at Akaka Falls, Hawaii

At an actual green-colored beach in Hawaii.  It took about 2 hours hike and a climb down a partial cliff to get to it.

Close up of the green sand...

At an actual black-colored sand beach (caused by the pulverization of the lava rocks).

Close up of the black sand...




















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