(yes, itís one of those pesky Christmas letters)

It is a little known fact that 1997 is going to be the best year ever. Count on it. You may ask, how does he know this? Can he foretell the future? Is he some form of shaman? What does "shaman" mean? And how do you pronounce it? Those questions aside, you can take it to the bank -- 1997 is going to be one hell of a good time for all involved.

Donít get me wrong Ė 1996 was pretty damn cool. I find more and more that living in Los Angeles isn't nearly as bad as some people say it is. Check back with me after the next big quake, but for now, I'm loving it! I was able to go to about 30 Dodger games (including lame playoff losses for the second year in a row!), I've seen all the big movies on opening night at Mann's Chinese Theater, and there's always time for a trip to a late night deli.

Since this letter is touching on the mostly positive aspects of my life, I'll spare you the details of what it's like to be on the single scene here. Suffice to say, I'm writing a book about how NOT to meet women, and how to mess up dates once you get them. Okay, it's not that bad -- but there is room for improvement in 1997.

Ah yes, speaking of writing ... (and why next year will be so cool) 1997 will also be a big year for my non-news writing. I've started sending out scripts (sitcom, drama, animation, etc.) and am working hard to make the transition from news writer to writer of much more fun things. I'll keep you posted! As many of you have heard, things at KCAL are in transition, to say the least. We've gone from being the pride of the Walt Disney company, to being a cash machine for our new owners, Young Broadcasting. Suffice to say, Young's idea about how to run a TV station is very different than Disney's. For example, Young thinks we can do more work with vastly fewer employees. Several of my friends have been let go, but so far, I've escaped the ax. If there's one thing I've learned during my time in Los Angeles, it's that per diem work is not hard to come by in this town. So if I am asked to "leave" by Young, I have plenty of contacts (and at least one solid offer) for other work. No worries there.

As we begin the countdown to the year 2000, as we all help build that bridge to the 21st century, it's a time for reflection. And on the whole -- I'm damn lucky. I've got great friends, a wonderfully supportive family (Mom's studying to be a Doctor of Journalism at the University of Wisconsin; Morgan is a computer genius in the Silicon Valley, and is now engaged to his long-time girlfriend Lydia; Dad has joined the 1990's with a cool e-mail address, and has his hands full bringing up Alanna, who continues to amaze as she now stands more than eight feet tall). As for me, I have no doubt great things are just around the corner. Here's hoping your 1997 rocks the world, and your Christmas season finds you filled with happiness, love, and joy. If you havenít found me on-line yet, hereís your chance! Send e-mail to:, or visit my web page! Go to Yahoo ( and search for "Colin Campbell" Ė my page is "The Punch Drunk Monkey-Thon." (If you're reading this on-line, just click on the Monkey-Thon title or menu bar below to visit!)

Make all your dreams come true in 1997!

Colin Campbell

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