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What went wrong with this film? It's as if a giant tornado reached down from the sky, sucking up all aspects of plot, rational thought, and characterization. But then again, the story isn't what U.S. filmgoers have paid $150,000,000 to see. (The Team)The charismatic Helen Hunt leads a crack team of tornado researchers. I liked them a lot. I like her a lot. Bill Paxton takes some getting used to, but his character eventually becomes the "good buddy" everyone else in the movie acts like he is. Jamie Gertz should concentrate on Square Pegs - The Movie. (Just kidding; Gertz has a thankless task as the audience's representative on the screen. Next time you see the film, ask yourself: Are Bill and Jo explaining things for her benefit, their benefit, or ours as audience members? Gah, exposition abounds!) As for the tornado chasing team, they are quite the odd group. Sure, that's "Cameron" from Ferris Bueller's Day Off (Alan Ruck, great on Mad About You, but a poor captain of the Starship Enterprise in Star Trek: Generations.) And yeah, that's the "Aaron Burr" guy from the milk commercials! And how did any member of the cast of The Single Guy make it in to this flick? Of course, the majority of this film is spent dodging debris, (Debris)but that's the way thing go when your chasing tornadoes!!!

I guess this is what we've come to expect from our blockbusters. Just entertain us with great special effects, and don't worry about the story. I suppose this trend is as old as the Jurassic era. But I wish producers and directors would put half the effort they put in to special effects in to that most special effect of all - making an audience care about characters on the movie screen.

(Helen Hunt)Helen Hunt, keep at it. You were by far the best human in this flick. And I'm guessing you'll get quite a few offers following the success of this film. (And not all of them for movies; nice tank top!) You've finally hit the really big time. Good luck! But next time the script has Michael Crichton's name anywhere on it, remember: He ain't that strong on character. Is there a middle-ground between Twister and The Waterdance? It will be great watching you find it.

So overall, how do I rate Twister? Well, damn if I didn't have a good time. But I felt bad about it afterward. Proceed at your own risk.

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