Tim Russ In Concert

Masquer's Dinner Theater, Los Angeles

April 13th

Yes, Mr. Tuvok, from Star Trek: Voyager is a big-time musician in real life! Russ has been playing bass and guitar for quite some time. And although it's tempting to say his range runs from George Benson toAl Jarreau, that wouldn't be fair. Sure, as a sat in the audience at Masquer's Dinner Theater, on 3rd Street near Beverly Hills, I enjoyed the easy jazz groove of his first three offerings. "Yep," I thought to myself, "it won't be long before we hear "On Broadway."" In fact, it was about five seconds later that Tim started his fourth number -- "They say the neon lights are bright..." I almost fell out of my chair. At least they gave it a different spin -- kind of a 6/8, triplets feel.

(Voyager and Q)(That's Tim on the far right; no, that isn't his backing band)

Tim is backed by a drummer, pianist, and sax/flute player. He switches off on bass or guitar, depending on the song. I asked him which he preferred, and he said "Well, bass really, but it's a lot easier to sing with the guitar." Tim told me he and this group had been playing on and off for about three years, and his schedule on Voyager prevented him from playing in public as often as he would like. Tim was very nice, very approachable, and quite warm. How was the music? Very easy to digest. And very listenable. Tim says he'll be playing more during Voyager's hiatus. Here's hoping he plays near you, soon!

Set list:

  1. (Instrumental)
  2. What a Wonderful World (Don't Know Much About...)
  3. Just the Two of Us
  4. On Broadway
  5. Moondance
  6. (Instrumental)
  7. Dock of the Bay
  8. (Senorita?)
  9. Route 66
  10. (Evangeline?)
  11. Love the One You're With
  12. Green Dolphin Street
  13. How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)
  14. (Before You Accuse Me (Take A Look at Yourself)?)
  15. Doctor My Eyes

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