Welcome Internet Surfers! Here's your chance to find out what I think about things. TV shows. Movies. Concerts. Events. News. Whatever it is, if I've got an opinion on it, you'll find it here. Some will be long, others will be quite short. Hey, I'm using my spare time to do this! But it's all part of my dedication to you, the cyber-surfer. Let's get this party started! (And if you've "surfed" to this page directly, please be sure to check out my home page, The Punch Drunk Monkey-Thon!)

(New)We've compiled a list of our favorite movies from the past year. These aren't the best movies of 1997, just my thoughts and comments on my favorite movies. Check it out!

You want quick hit movie reviews? Not the lengthy, picture-laden (and time consuming!) reviews found below? Check out our new Movie Review Chart. It's quick, it's easy, and you just might like it! Now featuring thoughts on Godzilla, Deep Impact, Sliding Doors, City of Angels, He Got Game, Lost in Space, Primary Colors, U.S. Marshals, Kissing A Fool, Krippendorf's Tribe, The Wedding Singer, Zero Effect, Good Will Hunting, Spiceworld, and many more!


Before switching to the chart system linked above, there were several full-length reviews featured on this page. These will return on an as-needed basis.

(New)Movie Review Gallery!

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There's more to come, so check back often! And if you've got a better name for this page - please contact me immediately!

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