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This page is black in protest of Premiere's decision to become "a fan magazine" for Hollywood.

Two editors resigned in protest recently. Christopher Connelly, you probably know from his work on MTV. Deputy Editor Nancy Collins also resigned. They were asked by management to kill a piece that contained investigative journalism. One of Premiere's corporate bosses, David Pecker, made the decision. (I couldn't make that name up!) Here are some of Mr. Pecker's quotes from articles in The Hollywood Reporter and Daily Variety (both Wednesday, May 8th):

Make your own choice: do you want to support this man, and this magazine?

Maybe a little e-mail note to Premiere is in order. Send a letter of complaint to Premiere magazine today. And if you have a subscription, cancel immediately. There are many better ways to spend your movie magazine dollar (like Movieline, Sci-Fi Universe, and Cinescape, to name three).

From Newsweek magazine:

"The last time I looked, I am CEO of the company."

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Last updated May 19, 1996.