(All About Me!)

Name: Colin Campbell
E-Mail: jenolen@earthlink.net; jenolen@aol.com
DOB: 2/4/67
Hometown: San Luis Obispo, CA
Now: Studio City, CA
Work: Aspiring Television Writer (Sitcom, Dramatic, Animated)
Married? Nope
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 174
Hair: Reddish - Auburn
Eyes: Hazel

Current Favorites

Movie: Zero Effect
TV: Space Ghost: Coast to Coast; NewsRadio
Record: The Saint Soundtrack
VidGame: None
Radio Station: Modern Rock Y107 has displaced Star 98.7. Y107 plays more alternative hits, Star still relies on Adult Contemporary crap.
Late Night Host: Conan O'Brien
Beatle: John
Pop-Tart Flavor: Apple Cinnamon
Taco Bell Menu Item: Mexican Pizza
Snack Food: Cheez-Its
Juice: Apple
Beverage: Barq's Root Beer
Web Page: Corona's Coming Attractions
Tom Snyder Gaffe: Mistakenly called "e. coli" the "ebola" virus when discussing how he hated hamburgers well done.

So, here's the brief bio. 31 years old. Single. Looking.

Love the Los Angeles Dodgers (must beat the hated Giants this year!), the Toronto Blue Jays (best baseball team homepage on the web, worst baseball team on the field), the Los Angeles Kings (you heard it here first: - that Gretzky guy will be forgotten!), music by Level 42, ABC, TAFKAPrince, Go West. And even though they sold the TV station I work for, I still wish nothing but the best for The Walt Disney Company.

I watch Letterman, Star Trek (All forms; check my review of the big "Grand Slam" convention in the new reviews section of my page), NewsRadio, Saturday Night Live, Caroline in the City, Mad About You, Friends (I'm just about ready to hop on the backlash bandwagon; but not quite yet), Lois and Clark. (My attempt at writing some of these shows can be found on the Miracle Baby page. Check there for my TV sitcom scriptwriting samples.)

Does anyone out there really want to see a picture of me on this site? There are a couple floating around this site. Go read the weekly columns @LA.COM and you'll see some. You can also look at my brother Morgan, and his lovely wife Lydia. It's a great photo, with a big mountain in the background. Check it out!

There's also a picture of me with the weekly column I write for the Ultimate TV website. Yes, it's true, I am Mr. TV. Check it out if you dare.

Here's another take on my bio. This comes from the Level 42 Digest, where digest members were encouraged to submit their own profiles. There is a heavy Level 42 content, but you might find some of this interesting.


NAME- Colin Campbell

ALIAS- Jenolen

WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN? -Long story short, it was the only obscure Star Trek reference not taken on AOL when I first signed up. It became my "master" screen name, and I've used it everywhere else, ever since.

BUT REALLY, WHERE DID IT COME FROM? - "Relics," the episode where Scotty came to the NextGen time period -- the name of his crashed ship was the "U.S.S. Jenolen."

AGE- 30

BIRTHDATE- February 4, 1967

HEIGHT- 5'11"

WEIGHT- 175 lbs

RACE- Honky. Frighteningly pale.

SEX- I am familiar with it, yes.

OCCUPATION- TV News writer/producer; working on sitcom and drama scripts (as required by law here in Southern California)

MARITAL STATUS- Extraordinarily single. Kinda' looking. Kinda' hoping Neve Campbell realizes we already have the same last name, so why shouldn't she marry me? (Willing to make same pitch to supermodel Naomi Campbell)


GROUP AFFILIATIONS- "The Constructive Three," a high-school era cadre of friends dedicated to eradicating evil.

HOW HE DRINKS HIS DEWARS- Have never consumed alcohol.

SUPERPOWERS- Ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound (if attached to some form of reverse bungee device); can communicate with aardvarks; 3-time US Western Regional Merengue Dance Finalist; high caffeine tolerance.

WEAPON OF CHOICE- Trombone, Bass


FAVORITE LEVEL 42 SONGS- "Something About You", "Good Man In a Storm", "It's Not the Same For Us," "A Pharaoh's Dream (Of Endless Time)" "True Believers," "Dream Crazy," "I Sleep on My Heart," "Micro-Kid (James Brown Remix)," "All Over You," "Dance on Heavy Weather," "The Sunbed Song," and more ...

FAVORITE LEVEL 42 REMIXES- "Micro-Kid (James Brown Re-Mix)," "Children Say," "I Sleep on My Heart," "Mega-Mix" from Children Say CD-5.

FAVORITE LEVEL 42 VIDEO- "Something About You"

MARK KING FANTASY- He doesn't run off to catch a ferry back to the IOW the time I met the band after a gig! (I did get introduced to Mike, Gary Husband, and Jakko by the very nice horn player John Thirkell.)

MIKE LINDUP FANTASY- To have him teach me the "running out on to stage prance" he does at the beginning of the "Live at Wembly" video.


BEST LEVEL 42 EXPERIENCE- Meeting the band after the "Guaranteed" show at London's Town and Country Club

ARCH-ENEMIES- Bigots, Nazis, Closed-minded Dorks

FAVORITE NON-LEVEL BANDS- Heaven 17, ABC, Go West, Joe Jackson, Tears for Fears, Brand New Heavies, TAFKAPrince, Scritti Politti, Barenaked Ladies, Crowded House, Ben Folds Five

FAVORTIE NON-LEVEL SINGLES- "Perfect Way," Scritti Politti; "The Honeythief," Hipsway; "Head Over Heels," Tears for Fears; "Don't You (Forget About Me)", Simple Minds; "I'm the Man," Joe Jackson; "Low," Cracker; "Fight the Power," Barenaked Ladies

FAVORITE TELEVISON SHOWS- Star Trek (all forms), NewsRadio, Mad About You, SCTV, Monty Python's Flying Circus, Caroline in the City, Seinfeld, The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, Late Night with David Letterman, Later with Bob Costas (the best three back to back shows ever!).

FAVORITE MOVIES- Star Trek (All forms!), Superman, Back to the Future, Airplane!, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Monty Python's Life of Brian, Stripes, Broadcast News, The Truth About Cats and Dogs, Star Wars Trilogy, Independence Day, Defending Your Life, Always

FAVORITE ACTORS- Patrick Stewart in "A Christmas Carol," Harrison Ford

FAVORITE ACTRESSES- Janeane Garofalo, Helen Hunt, Bonnie Hunt

TURN ONS- Quirky sense of humor, intelligence, quickness

TURN OFFS- Alcohol, smoking, chocolate (Strangely, I'm not Mormon, I just don't like those things!)

FAVORITE BASS LINES- Children Say, any Mark King solo

HOW HE BECAME A LEVELHEAD- Radio play of SAY on Top 40 station; brother lent me the rest of the album on cassette at about the same time "Running in the Family" was being released; my college radio station music director gave me the RitF CD, and I was hooked for good.

CURRENT PROJECTS- Writing new scripts to add to my portfolio.

PERSONAL HEROES- John Hockenberry, Jeff Greenfield, My Mom, Jim Henson, Vin Scully

WEAKNESSES- Taco Bell, Mountain Dew

FATALITY MOVE- Slamming Put-Down with Rapier Wit

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