Why is this page called
"The Punch Drunk Monkey-Thon?"

(Swinging Non-Monkey!)

And why is this not a monkey???

Funny you should ask...

Yeah, it's kinda' wacky. It's skewed. It's wild. And, there are no monkeys. But one night, I lept from my slumber, with the phrase "more fun than a punch drunk monkey-thon" running through my head. I knew I had to use it somewhere. Simulataneously, I was looking for a new title for my homepage. ("The Colin Campbell Homepage," while factually correct, had a tinge of egomaniacism, and really didn't tell you anything about the page.) So, the two came together. Don't like the title? Got a better idea? I'm open to all suggestions. Mail me your new title for this page. (Or now, I have figured out how to use those neato fill-in forms. So you really should visit the feedback page, and let me know both your new title, and your other feelings on this page.) If your title gets used, you get full credit, and a fabulous prize! (Hmm, maybe a punch drunk monkey!)

As for the "non-monkey" swinging at the top of this and the index page, I refer you to an e-mail message I received from the webmaster of the site where I found it:

You may use the following animated GIF file in your Web site: http://www.selu.com/~bio/PrimateGallery/animations/siamang.html

The animal is not a monkey, but a lesser ape called a "siamang" from the island of Sumatra. Please just give me credit with the animation (animation by Tim Knight) and include a link to the Primate Gallery (http://www.selu.com/~bio/PrimateGallery/)


Tim Knight Webmaster

Well, that certainly clears THAT up, doesn't it? Sheesh, these monkey-people are so serious! Okay, Tim, here it is: Thanks for the lesser ape.

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Last Updated March 9, 1997
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