Let's go surfing now ...

Are you just starting to build your web page? Me too. Here's a cool Netscape Web Page Building Tool Site. They'll help you get some of the basics down in a hurry, so you can start to have fun with it!

A great presence on-line for the (Times Logo). You will dig getting this paper for free. Be sure to say hi to Hunter. (Go on, check it out. I'll be waiting.)

(Chris Johnson Photo)His infamous links page is back! Surf from there, or check out a world-class collection of ASCII art at my friend Chris Johnson's Homepage. He's the man! (That would be Chris there on the left.)

But let's say you're looking for a movie in your area. Why not try MovieFone Online? It's pretty darn cool, too, if you need movie tickets and stuff. Of course, there is a service charge...

Check this out! (GEMM Logo)The best place to start when looking for a hard to find record, CD, laser disc, or import is at the Global Electronic Music Marketplace. This is a great searchable "index of indexes." Five stars!

Another cool thing to do with the Internet is to take advantage of a great program called Real Audio. Check it out at this site. You will be amazed. I promise. (Real Audio Logo)

You gotta love Microsoft Flight Simulator 5.1. And if you love it too, you've got to check out the Comox Valley Flight Sim Stopover. A very, very thorough and cool site.

(Animaniacs Logo)It's time for Animaniacs. Check out this cool Animaniacs page, then put bologna in your slacks.

(Movie Sounds Page Logo)Very, very cool movie sounds can be found at The Movie Sounds Home Page. When my computer starts, I hear "We have clearance, Clarence."  "Roger, Roger. What's our vector, Victor?" thanks to these guys. You must check it out!!!

Want a copy of USA Today, free? Never spend $.50 again; just visit USA Today On-Line. Of course, you can't browse over it at a coffee shop, unless it's a CYBER-COFFEE shop. (I don't know why "CYBER-COFFEE" needed to be in all caps. It just seemed like it did.)

You know that actor? What was he in? Or that director ... now she's done what other films? An incredible wealth of information can be found at The Internet Movie Database. This is the 'net at its best -- people just like you and me have contributed information to this database. You've got to check it out!

(NASA Logo)NASA provides a lot of information about past, current, and future Space Shuttle missions on their Space Shuttle Homepage.

(Level 42 Logo)

Level 42 is quite simply the best band in the world. You'll find all sorts of resources at this very professional home page. And you can also find out about Level 42 IRC meetings at this site. For the uninitiated, that's like those conference rooms on AOL, directly through the Internet! This page also has a link on it to the Level 42 Mailing List Home Page (then again, mine does now, too!), which is a great resource for daily discussion about the best band ever!

(New)Want to know what bookmarks I keep on my browser? Wonder no more. Check out my bookmarks. Then bookmark them yourself! Whee!

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Last Updated May 31, 1998
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