February 2, 1997

On the Edge of 30

Well, here it is. Two days before my 30th birthday, and I feel like a million bucks. Unfortunately, Iím only worth about a thousand, and if you add up my debts, well, youíre well into negative numbers.

But Iíve been thinking a lot about my 30th anniversary. Iím even working on a logo. Maybe next week you can help me pick one.

Thirty years doesnít seem like that long a time, does it? Then I see stories about people who die at age 58, and realize, that if that was me, Iím more than half over now! All of which reminds me live life more fully, do the things I need to get done, and take better care of myself.

Maybe, just maybe, this is the year that happens.

Maybe this is the year I start to call all those people in my address book who I havenít hooked up with in a while.

Maybe this is the year I try to mend the two most ruined friendships I have managed to destroy.

Maybe this is the year I grow up.

Maybe this is the year I realize what it means to be an adult.

Maybe this is the year it all comes together for me.

Maybe this is the year Iíll discover fame and fortune in Hollywood.

Maybe this is the year my dreams come true.

Maybe this is the year I find the woman of my dreams.

Maybe this is the year it all starts to make sense.

The Colin Campbell 30th Anniversary Celebration is about to begin. Hold on for the ride.

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