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These next questions don't relate to The Punch Drunk Monkey-Thon or What Up?/The Colin Campbell Review specifically. But they are kinda' fun. And they'll help me get a little better picture of who my audience is. So, just a few more questions, and you're done!

What is the biggest problem facing the world today?

Who is your favorite character from the original Star Trek?

What is your favorite album by the singer Seal?

Who is your favorite Beatle?

The cast of Friends is contractually obligated to continue making the show until the year 2001. Should we let them out of that deal?

Yes, dear God has that show become whiny!No, what would I do with my "Central Perk" t-shirt?I stopped watching long ago; ask someone else.

Which is your favorite summer blockbuster?

Which summer blockbuster is your least favorite?

If you were a big-time Hollywood movie executive, which movie would you be most embarrassed by?

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