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Here's a story that you're never going to believe. So open your minds, and get ready for an incredible tale.

It begins in a small Central California town. Let's call it San Luis Obispo. A great place to grow up. And still home to my best friend (let's call him "Frank") and his long-time-sorta-girl-friend-but-more-than-just-that person (we'll call her "Christina").

One night "Christina" had some severe stomach cramps. "Frank" took her to the hospital. And hours later, "Christina" delivered a healthy, happy, beautiful baby girl (who, for the sake of this little story, we'll call "Allison"). (Mad About You)

For nearly nine months, "Christina" had no idea she was pregnant. But with no visible signs of pregnancy, she has managed to carry and deliver the most incredible child you've ever seen! Fortunately, "Christina" takes great care of herself. But when we looked at her tiny frame, we all wondered the same thing -- "Uh, where did that baby come from?" (Lois and Clark)

(Please note: We do know the answer to that question, but this isn't THAT kind of a web page.)

To celebrate the baby's miraculous arrival ("Frank," "Christina," and "Allison" are all very healthy and happy together to this day), I wrote a series of small vignettes. (Seinfeld Picture)What better way to get some practice writing for TV than to take the impossible, and make it seem realistic?

So check out these stories, and tell me what you think.

 There's a Seinfeld version of the story, though having kids is way too adult for that gang. Or maybe the Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman version is more your style. At least my page now has a Teri Hatcher photo on it.

With a baby now on the way, Paul and Jamie need advice, quick, in the Mad About You take on the situation.  And overexposed as they may be, your favorite coffee-house buddies from Friends also have a caffeine-assisted view. (Friends Picture) 

For those of you who like seeing pictures of your favorite TV stars, just click on their picture to get their version of the Miracle Baby story!

Would you like to send e-mail to the happy family? Well, "Frank" and "Christina" both now have e-mail accounts. Send them your thoughts on this incredible tale!

Now that they're married, we hope the Miracle Baby has another Miracle sibling due sometime soon. Of course, with "Christina," that could mean tomorrow.

Be sure to let me know what you thought about these stories, by visiting our new Feedback Page!

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