December 28, 1997


Well, itís the end of the year. Time for a self-congratulating look back at 1997. Coming later this week, Iíll be presenting a special year-end edition of "@LA.COM." But for now, I thought weíd check out the old "Resolutions Scoreboard" and see how things went.

Back in my first column of the year, I wrote the following:

1. Over the next fifty years, I plan to visit all 50 United States capitals, returning with a photo of me on the front steps. By the time I'm 80, I should have them all. (That's one a year for fifty years -- you do the math.)

Ladies and Gentlemen, Frankfort, Kentucky. One down, 49 to go. More on this ongoing effort will be posted in 1998. Keep an eye out for it!

2. This is the year I am nicer to people.


3.This is the year I don't let people walk all over me.

Well, sure.

4.This is the year I figure out just how those two balance.

Itís tough. I think there are areas in which I need to be more assertive (certain aspects of my career and personal life come to mind).

5. Writing, writing, writing ... and a lot less SimCity 2000.

Letís not forget that SimCity 2000 is one hell of a great game. However, I think I did get a fair amount of writing done this year. Iíll get more done in í98, for sure, but í97 was a good start.

6. I want to eat better. More healthy. Healthier. Notice, that doesn't say "healthy," just "healthier." And believe you me, there's a long way to go.

My diet now includes a ton more pasta than in any time in the past. One of my favorite Christmas gifts was a cool, low-fat indoor grilling device. This bodes well for í98.

7. Is getting a better job a resolution? Or just a sensible precaution when my current employer (Young Broadcasting, owner of KCAL-TV, in Los Angeles) continues to use the charm and grace of a rampaging bull elephant as they "restructure" the station? I'm chalking it up to the resolution category.

Well, I made the leap to freelance writing, and the world didnít end. So far, so good.

8. I want to reduce general clutter in my life. I have to start throwing things out, and loving it! I keep way too much. Thankfully, the digital revolution is helping. I can now convince myself that any clipping from any paper will be available via Internet or CD-ROM someday, and if I really need it, it'll all be out there in some vast information wasteland waiting for me.

Um, still working on this one.

9. And I resolve to make better resolutions next year.

You can see for yourself in next weekís column. But donít forget to check back for a special "Year in Review" column coming up mid-week.

And thanks for playing.

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