December 21, 1997

Holiday Weekend O' Fun

Yes, it was a fun holiday weekend. I grabbed a jet up to San Jose (California, not Costa Rica) to see my brother and sister-in-law. Herewith, the highlights of my journey:


Remember last week’s column about how great a sport hockey is? Well, my devotion to this icy pastime was sorely tested by the San Jose (California, not Costa Rica) Sharks and Vancouver Canucks. Morgan and I watched 65 minutes of scoreless hockey, the game ending in a zero-zero overtime tie. I’ve said before, there is such a thing as a "good" zero-zero overtime tie, but this was not it. Sloppy, uninspired, lethargic play was the rule, with neither team pressing the attack. Blech.


Titanic. Now here is a movie! This is the way they used to make blockbusters, right? A huge canvas, with large characters coping with unimaginable circumstances. Every penny is on the screen. And why should anyone but the studio funding the film care how much James Cameron spent making it? We’re just supposed to either like or dislike the finished product! Leonardo DiCaprio is perfectly cast as Jack, Kate Winslet’s Rose flowers before our eyes, and the ship is magnificently, horribly, finally sunk. Forget about the running time (3 hours plus); this movie flies by. Only about halfway through did I realize I knew what was going to happen. That only served to heighten the dread I felt. It was a movie that created a very palpable feeling, and how many films these days can say that?


Party time at Morgan and Lydia’s! The newlyweds hosted a holiday party at their holiday-decorated house. Of course, the fact that they had picked a tree straight out of "A Charlie Brown Christmas" was the subject of some commentary. However, that just meant it needed extra love. There was plenty of that to go around, as friends helped decorate Mo and Lyd’s first Christmas tree as husband and wife. Of course, the fact that Morgan and I had picked out inferior bulbs for said decorating duty became increasingly obvious as the night wore on – the small plastic clamps on top of the bulbs (the part that connects the bulb to the hook) weren’t up to the task of keeping things together. Bulbs were "dropping" out of their holding sockets at varying rates. Some lasted several hours, while others, mere minutes. Next year, we’ll get better bulbs! There was also a lot of egg nog at the party, and Lydia baked fresh gingerbread. Yum!


Continuing the baking theme, I made Morgan use one of the 14 waffle irons he and Lydia received as wedding gifts. Morgan has a way with waffles, pancakes, and French toast that is impeccable. I think cinnamon is his secret weapon, but whatever the trick, the result is food so good you could eat it. And I did.

On the flight back to Los Angeles, the pilot of my 737 took the time to announce that there might be some turbulence … due to the 100 mile an hour winds we’d be flying through. Yikes. Fortunately, the captain told us, the winds were tailwinds, meaning we were going about 100 miles an hour faster than we’d planned. I had not yet received my complimentary beverage when we began our descent into Burbank. Now that’s a fast plane!

The holidays are finally here. There’s no use putting it off any longer. Got to finish all that shopping, etc. because Mom arrives on Monday, then Morgan and Lydia are coming mid-week. I’m thinking a lot of loving family thoughts these days, for family members both here and elsewhere. Make sure you do the same this holiday season. I highly recommend it.

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