November 2, 1997
Wedding Wrap-up

Okay, not so much a column, but a wrap-up of all Morgan and Lydia related wedding activity.

First, my thoughts: It turns out, I seem to have overcome my compulsive need to share everything with my Internet audience. While before, I would have felt the need to detail every minute of the weekend, I now feel like keeping some of this to myself. Suffice to say, the whole weekend was filled with the best kind of family love. I will never, never forget the literal power of love that brought so many people together to witness Morgan and Lydia become husband and wife.

It was very, very cool. Check the last two weeks columns for all the photos. Check out this link for the best picture on this site of Morgan and Lydia.

Iím sorry for those of you expecting something more Ė but I know I would fail the task of putting in to words those feelings I experienced during the wedding weekend. I think I said everything I wanted to say during the best manís toast, so let me close here by restating the central theme of that toast:

There is no doubt in my mind that I would not be here today were it not for the undying strength, love, and support of my brother Morgan. I would never have made it past various challenges in my life without him there to help me. He is beyond being the best brother anyone could ever hope to have Ė he is a gift. To me, he is a sign of a higher plan, or guiding force in the universe: "Okay, that Colin kid will never make it anywhere without some help, so letís send along Morgan to give him a hand." He is my brother Ė and I love him very, very much.

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