October 12, 1997

October Days

So, Iíve just returned from my honorary nieceís birthday celebration, and Iíve got to say, this child is pretty well loved. Iím talking, of course, about the Miracle Baby, Allison Warren, who is now a whopping two years old.

Just to see some of the changes as sheís grown older Ö oy! Talking with her is now making a lot more sense than it once did. She apparently has a rule: Do at least one amazing thing a day. On todayís menu was an out of nowhere singing of the chorus of "Itís A Small World." Thatís not too out of the ordinary, I suppose, but she hasnít heard that song since she was a baby (according to Mom Xtina, who long ago stopped singing it). That was followed by a neat demonstration of chronological awareness, in a sentence somewhat along the lines of "Kylie was at my birthday party yesterday." Amazing.

Iíve said before, and Iíll say again, the thing I regret most about moving to the big city is leaving Frank, Xtina, and Allison behind. Thereís so much joy and love there, I canít stand missing out on any of it.

Speaking of joy and love Ė

Weíre getting ready for my brotherís wedding this weekend. If you look back in this column, youíll see weddings have often been a topic. This wedding will be much more personal, and itís going to be difficult for me to share the experience here; but I will try. The column will be a little late next week due to wedding festivities. (Morganís getting married on a Sunday, so look for it Monday or Tuesday.) Weíll eventually have some photos, and stuff, so stay tuned.

By the way, this makes it official: With Morgan marrying the very lovely Lydia, everyone I know will now be married or engaged. Way to go, everyone I know!

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