September 7, 1997

Kibbles and Bits

More kibbles and bits this week, dear reader. (And I say "dear reader" so that Miss Manners and I can be the only columnists in America to use that phrase.)

Well, I finally got my new modem to work. This was an adventure. Itís a U.S. Robotics X2 model, with 56k capabilities. Yipee! The outside of the box says "Plug and Play" compatible, which should mean you just pop it in your computer, turn the sucker on, and go.

This, of course, is not how it works.

No, it took me several attempts (each time, re-opening my computerís casing to remove and adjust the thing) to get this modem to work. And now that it does work, I can honestly say I have no idea why it functions. All of the installing I did didnít work; but one time, just once, this automatic software thing kicked in, and through the miracle of something that may (or may not) be called "COM 4," I now connect to the Internet at high speed. Is it better to know why something doesnít work, or better to have it work with no idea why?

I should point out during my visit a couple weeks ago to Indiana, I started to make good on one of my New Yearís resolutions: I visited Frankfort, Kentucky. (You remember, right; Iím on a mission to visit all fifty state capitals in the next fifty years.) This resolution will get a page of its own soon; look for it in the near future!

Iíve spent the past week working at EXTRA, the news magazine show. With the events of the week (Diana and all), this was not the best week for beginners. But, I jumped right in, learned a lot, and was asked to come in to take detailed notes during the actual funeral service. It wasnít really that big an honor Ė the funeral was at 3:00 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time. Ouch. Iíve been sleeping in spurts ever since.

If you havenít had time yet to check out the index page in a while, youíre missing a really cool Java countdown clock, counting off the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until my brother gets married. Go there now!

Note: With the marriage of my brother, this leaves only me among my group of family members and close friends who have yet to walk down the aisle. Of course, Uncle Fred stubbornly clings to his single status. But then, he has that whole fire fighting/home renovation thing to keep him busy.

I am now the smoothie king. Thanks to the inspiration of my dad and sister, who consumed a smoothie every morning during my visit, I went out and bought a blender. I now have actual fruit in my house, at this very second! Of course, with the blender, I needed new glasses. (Got to have someplace to pour all those smoothies!) And, of course, with the glasses, came new plates. I needed new plates, believe you me. Buying kitchen stuff is becoming almost as much fun as buying office supplies. Did I mention I bought a dry erase board for my work area? Love the dry erase board!

So, if you happen to watch EXTRA this week, keep an eye out for the story about the parents wrongly accused of child abuse (their baby had a really weird bone defect instead) and the story about Mehgan Heaney Grier, the U.S. champion female free diver. Those are my babies!

Must sleep now. This whole "getting up and going to work" thing really bites.

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