August 24, 1997

Family Matters

I report in this week from the heartland of America, Jeffersonville, Indiana, where I'm spending a week with my father, and his side of the family. "Side," in this case, is defined as a large group of about 5,325 people who are all related in some way or another. That number increases exponentially if you include those who are part of the extraordinarily "extended" family. So far, this has been a wonderful and fun trip, filled with lots of food, fun visits with the aforementioned family, and a journey to discover the purpose of a man simply known as "Hambone."

Herewith, photos taken with Dad's digital camera (uh oh, a new toy I just might have to get) chronicling the first part of my journey.

(Colin (me!) and sister Alanna, the volleyball goddess)

This is me doing my "big brother" thing with my formerly "little" sister, Alanna. Why did both Morgan and Alanna outgrow me? The indignity of it all. Alanna is off to a hot start with the Providence High School Varsity Volleyball team, and has been mentioned in the papers by the coach a couple of times now.

(Chilling in Alanna's Room)

Here's us relaxing after one of the volleyball games. Alanna's going through a yearbook, showing me which people I'm related to. No joke.

(Bob Franz and I)

Bob Franz and the Franz family were in Clarksville for a vacation. Of course, they live about 50 miles away, so we both have to travel to Indiana to see each other. Memo to me - see the Franz's back in California!

(Aunt Margie, Grandma Pat, Me)

Here's a nice family shot, showing me, Grandma Pat, and Aunt Margie. We came together this afternoon for a picnic at Dad's house, where many branches of the family tree gathered.

(Alanna, Ryan, Fred)

This shows Alanna, Cousin Ryan, and Uncle Fred. Alanna is none too happy about the use of this photo, but the world is a tough place, and the sooner she gets that idea into her fifteen-year-old head, the better.


Finally, a picture of Dad and I at the computer. Dad has been a great host, "sharing" me with family members when appropriate, organizing today's picnic and reminding me just how great a man he is. Thanks, Dad, for a wonderful visit.

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