August 3, 1997

A Little Bit of This ...

So, whatís new in your world? Iím trying to adjust to the life of a freelance writer. The comic book cliché "with great power comes great responsibility" comes to mind. I now have great power over my schedule, and a responsibility to use that power wisely!

So far, the TV writing thing is going well. Itís all about contacts, as everyone knows, and Iím cultivating mine.

As for other "old business" items: Yes, I did stop by the California Pizza Kitchen to see if "Sandy" was there; no, she wasnít working at the time.

Back to show biz for a moment: When I mentioned my career change to my landlords, I found out they were writers, too! It went a little something like this:

Them: Hey, guess what? The rent is going up starting next month.

Me: (In my best Lloyd Bridges from Airplane imitation) Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit my job Ö

Them: Really? Whyíd you quit?

Me: Well, Iím going to work on a career as a big-time TV writer.

Them: Oh, you know we used to do that, right?

It turns out, everyone in this town, everyone, is connected to the biz somehow.

Iíve been gone for the better part of a week, visiting Mom up in Oregon. I talked to her journalism students about writing and producing TV news. Itís all part of Momís continuing plan to convince me to become a college teacher (as she is doing). Mom long ago gave up on her attempts to raise me to be a lawyer; I suppose teacher isnít bad either, and I really enjoyed the class. Maybe someday Ö

Mom, it turns out, has great hand-eye coordination. During my visit, at her suggestion, we visited a combination batting cage/golf driving range complex called "Strike Fore." (Get it?) Mom spanked all twenty softball pitches, not swinging and missing at any of them! Then, it was on to the driving range, where she showed her hidden golf talents. Despite her protests that she had never played before, she took to it like a fish to water. Her first few shots were weak, gradually gaining strength, but all hooking far to the left. One tip from me about her swing arc, and the shots started to straighten up. Another tip about keeping the wrists locked, and things really started to pick up. Add in the old "keep your left arm straight" advice, and suddenly, sheís whacking the ball 75-100 yards, straight and true. Mom immediately asked if anyone ever simply started their golf career on the Senior PGA tour. Age-wise, she qualifies, but barely, having just turned 50 this year. Look for the Golfiní Mama to show up soon on a course near you.

Flying back and forth from Eugene was fun, if only for the in-flight audio programming. United lets you listen to the air traffic chatter with the pilots, and it is fascinating! If you fly United, check Channel Nine on your in-flight headphone system. Then turn to Three-Zero-Five and continue on Golden Gate/ Pt. Reyes Arrival 3, approach cleared for runway 28 Left, contact tower on 128 point 95. Good day!

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