July 26, 1998
Commercial Overload 
So, I picked up my phone here at the apartment to make a couple of long distance calls the other day.

Upon completion of the dialing portion of two long distance calls, I heard the "AT&T" jingle.  Usually, I get this when Iím using my AT&T calling card, or calling from a pay phone.  But now, it appears Iíll be listening to this sucker all the time, every time I make a long distance call with AT&T.

I have to tell you this upsets me more than a little bit.

Iíve stuck with AT&T through good times and bad.  Believe me, I get a call a month begging me to switch somewhere else.  Dime a minute, 10-10-321-1-10-123, Sprint Cents ... they all add up.  Every time, Iíve said no.  Iíve always been happy with my service and my rates, so why change?

Now, this intrusion.  Canít I at least dial a phone in peace?  Itís not enough that Iím faced with commercials everywhere I turn during the day.  (Working in the TV business as I do, Iím surrounded at the office by upwards of 30 screens, all often showing commercials.)  Thereís damn commercials at Dodger Stadium now, on the scoreboards and behind home plate.  May I please dial my phone without being reminded of a choice Iíve gladly made?  You donít have to sell me again, AT&T.  Youíve got me already.  For now...

Iíve been thinking a lot about Saving Private Ryan.  Itís the kind of movie that stays with you.  After seeing it, I can only refer you back to a previous column for more.  Check out The Lost Holiday for more thoughts on the heroic sacrifice made by the WWII generation.

I know a lot of you wonder about the job front, so Iíd best keep you updated, right?  Well, Iím very, very close to getting a job I really want.  I donít want to say any more, for fear Iíll jinx it.  Suffice to say, youíll know.

My refrigerator has recovered quite nicely, and wanted to thank you all for the kind notes you sent its way.

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