July 20, 1997

Blank Pages

It occurs to me that lately, this column has drifted toward autobiographic confessional, and less of a weekly opinion piece.

Oh well. Iíll try to shift it back in that more "opiniony" direction.

But first, this:

So I walked in to Barnes and Noble tonight, and my pants started vibrating.

No, I wasnít really excited about new books. Instead, it was my new pager, doing its thing. Yes, I am now page-able. Will it be worth it? Now that Iím technically an out of work writer, it better be.

My pager works in conjunction with my new home message center, so if you leave a message at my house, you can then have me paged to check my messages. Free for you, of course.

So, having just come from a movie, my pager was set to vibrate, and vibrate it did! Yay.

Now that Iíve left the KCAL staff, Iím setting all kinds of writing goals. If you donít mind, Iím going to meet them now. Iíll be back with a more full-length column next week. For now, why not enjoy your own favorite column from weeks past? Simply click on the @LA.COM icon below to be whisked away to the index.

Oh, and on the most important question of all: There is no progress to report on the whole "Sandy" situation. There could be some progress later this week. I will keep you all apprised.

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