June 22, 1997

Not Much To Say

I really donít have much to say this week. Not much has been going on.

Just, I quit my job, saw Swing Out Sister at the House of Blues, loved a screening of Disneyís Hercules, despised every frame of the insipid Batman and Robin, worked overtime at the job I just resigned from, ate about 10 Noahís Bagels, and made arrangements to be on the field for Monday nightís Dodgers-Rockies game at Dodger Stadium.

Granted, thatís a lot of things to do in one week. Each one of them could be a column on their own. Instead, Iím giving you column "bites" in the Larry King fashion.

Did anybody at Warner Bros. see the daily footage footage from Batman and Robin and say, "Gee, I think weíre in trouble." If not, they should have. Check What Up for my review, when my stomach finally settles from the worst Summer movie Iíve seen in a long time. Our hopes now rest on two films: Contact and Men In Black. Advance word on both is terrific. Iíll keep you posted.

Dodgers played their big weekend showdown in San Francisco even Ö winning two, losing two, and gaining exactly zero games on the hated Giants. Grr.

By the way, I was serious about the "quit my job" thing above. Itís not as harsh as it sounds. Really, Iím just giving up my staff position at KCAL to become a freelance writer, for KCAL, but also for anyone else. Itís part of my effort to move my career from TV news into something a bit more fun, like sitcom writing. Sure, everybody has a script in this town, but Iíve made good progress giving it a limited effort. I owe it to myself to find out what happens when I go all out. Youíll be the first to know!

I received a great message on my answering machine yesterday. "Is this Colin Campbell, the bass player? If so, weíre all over here at rehearsal, and we just want to know if youíre going to make it. If not, thatís cool Ö" Now, I was not the "Colin Campbell" they were looking for, but if I had my bass with me (brother Morgan is looking after it for me these days), maybe I would have called for directions and hopped over there!

Disneyís Hercules lives up to the hype. Itís fun, itís fast, and James Woods kicks major mythological booty as Hades. Fun for kids, more fun for adults.

Alec and Vyn (of "Guy-a-thon for Alec" fame) did get married. Soon, Iíll tell you about the most single most actively unpleasant person in the world. (Hereís a hint: Sheís Gabrielle Gross, of the Elizabeth Gamble Garden Center.) More on that at a later date.

Gotta run! Have to be back at work early, early tomorrow morning! (Boo-hoo!)

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