June 1, 1997

A Guy-a-thon for Alec


By following the links on this page, you will embark on a wild and sometimes difficult to comprehend journey into the inner sanctum of men engaged in a ritual commonly called a bachelor party, but called by myself and my enlightened friends, a "guy-a-thon." (That is one heck of a sentence.) For a further explanation of the whole "guy-a-thon" concept, see my earlier column entitled Not a Bachelor Party.

The honoree: Former Rhythm Akimbo bass player, and all around cool citizen, Alec Little.

The starting point: San Luis Obispo, CA

The assembled guys:

From left to right:

(Ready to Rock)

Alec Little, Brian Lane, Colin Campbell (hey, that's me!), "Dan," Brad Zell, Brad Bennett, and Mark "Superman" Robertshaw.

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