May 18, 1997

More Things

Consider this another in a series of tributes to Larry King, the columnist who gets away with brief thoughts and half-coherent ramblings every Monday in USA Today.

The Monkey-Thon has received its first legal threat from a big corporation! Wow! The people at Premiere arenít to happy about a Monkey-Thon page urging people to cancel their subscriptions to said magazine. (No word on the level of happiness they have in knowing that their bosses are complete weasel jerks.) I have a feeling thereís more to come in this legal skirmish. Youíll be the first to know.

If techno music isnít the next big thing, it wonít be for lack of trying on the part of the Virgin Records MegaStore. Theyíve restocked whole sections with techno, drum and bass, dance, house, trance, ambient, and other forms of modern electronic music. It was a bit jarring, at first, but if thereís money to be made Ö

Do you see movies more than once in the theater? I recently went for second showings of "Romy and Micheleís High School Reunion," "Grosse Pointe Blank," "Swingers," and "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery." What do these four movies have in common? Theyíre all damn funny, they all have bitchiní soundtracks, and they all feature characters youíd like to hang out with.

I dreamt my own, full-length version of The Lost World: Jurassic Park last night. Very odd. Even though I would wake up now and again, when I went back to sleep, the "movie" would pick up again. Mind you, I havenít seen the film yet Ė this was just my subconscious providing me with a very long and detailed version of it. Memo to Universal Pictures Marketing Department: Okay, you can stop now.

Speaking of The Lost World, it will not be showing at Mannís Chinese Theater. Itís going to the Hollywood Galaxy Theater down the street. What the hell happened there? Mannís Chinese is, well, Graumanís Chinese renamed for corporate reasons. The Hollywood Galaxy is more of a souped-up shopping mall theater, by comparison.

Speaking of shopping mall theaters (transitions, baby!), my second dose of "Swingers" came tonight at the Beverly Center. Godís honest truth, there couldnít have been more than 35 seats in this "theater." It was more a glorified screening room. As each person entered (and for a 10:15 show on a Sunday night, there were a fair amount of people on hand), you could hear stifled laughter as they realized they would be sharing personal space in this theater which was on par with what you would expect aboard an airliner; small, cramped seating, no leg room, and a screen the size of your TV. I think Speilberg has a bigger screening room Ö at his summer home.

Speaking of summer homes Ö oh, never mind.

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