February 15, 1998

Three Issues, and Valentines

There seem to be three big issues facing the American people today. I thought Iíd weigh in with my own opinions about them, if thatís okay with you.

1) Should the U.S. bomb Iraq back to the Stone Age?

Tempting, itís true, but really, weíve got to learn to resolve problems without resorting to brute force. Yes, I know, a poke in eye is the only thing that will get Sadaamís attention. But arenít we more clever than that? I have to vote no on this one. Overall, we could do with less aggression in the world, even if it is good, old fashioned U.S. "moral righteousness" aggression.

2) Should Kenneth Starr back the hell off?

Absolutely. The man is out of control. I canít wait until we see what Starr is actually able to prove in a court of law. My prediction Ė just about nothing. Yes, President Clinton (whom I generally support) probably engaged in a little innocent flirting. No, it wasnít as severe as that starry-eyed blabbermouth intern says it was. And is anyone surprised to see that Linda Tripp was working closely with the Paula Jones defense team before they deposed the president? Letís not forget that Ms. Tripp is only trying to do whatís right for the country Ö and apparently, also, whatís right for anyone who has made damaging allegations against the president.

3) Should NHL players have been allowed into the Olympic hockey tournament?

Absolutely. I want to see the best hockey players in the world. Yes, I know that means no more "miracles on ice" for the U.S. But if youíre looking for an underdog, root for Belarus. (Do you know that when they made the medal round, it was declared a national holiday in Belarus? These people have their priorities straight.) I think the Olympics should, within reason, be open to all of the best athletes in the world. Why should Wayne Gretzky be denied a chance to compete in the Olympics just because heís good enough to play in a league that runs its season the same time as the games? Itís great that the NHL agreed to stop its season to let its players, not just Americans and Canadians, but Russians, Belarusians, Finns, Swedes, Czechs, Slovaks, and others all represent their countries in the greatest sporting event around.

As for Valentineís Day this year, I am happy to report it passed without incident. I made my annual trek to see a romantic movie (by myself), and found that somehow, even though I had arrived nearly a half hour ahead of showtime, The Wedding Singer had sold out. Not only that, there was a Titanic-style line of people waiting to get in to be seated. For The Wedding Singer? Youíve got to be kidding. So I went home, and watched five hours of Olympic coverage.

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