February 1, 1998


Well, if youíll recall, about a year ago, as we approached February 4th, I lamented the various hopes, wishes and dreams that came in to my mind as I prepared to turn thirty years old.

Itís that time again, folks. But for some reason, turning thirty-one just isnít as anxiety inducing. For some freaky reason, until about a month ago, I had absolutely no idea that thirty-one would follow thirty. Oh, sure, Iím familiar with the whole number, positive integer sequence we use here in America. Itís just that so much of my attention was focused on being thirty, I never really stopped to think of the consequences doing so for a whole year.

Please donít get me wrong. Iím dang happy to roll over yet another digit on the big Birthdayometer. Iíve never understood peopleís reluctance to chronologically tally up another 365.24 days and add that to their overall year total. Itís almost as if they prefer the alternative. Not me. I hope to stay alive and kicking for quite some time.

So what are the big issues on my personal plate as I celebrate my 31st year on the planet? Same as always Ė live life like my life depends on it. A good plan for every day of the year, donít you think?

Happy Birthday to me!

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