Monday, January 6th, 1997

Yes, the new year has finally arrived. And with it, my latest attempt at regular writing. Hopefully, this won't become one of those lonely outposts in cyberspace where someone promises regular updates, and delivers new material once every six months. I already have one of those. It's called "What Up?" and I just can't keep up with it! Until I find someone willing to pay me to write web page reviews, I'll stay busy with the old day job, and polish that puppy when I can.
Herewith, some resolutions for the New Year!

  1. Over the next fifty years, I plan to visit all 50 United States capitals, returning with a photo of me on the front steps. By the time I'm 80, I should have them all. (That's one a year for fifty years -- you do the math.)
  2. This is the year I am nicer to people.
  3. This is the year I don't let people walk all over me.
  4. This is the year I figure out just how those two balance.
  5. Writing, writing, writing ... and a lot less SimCity 2000.
  6. I want to eat better. More healthy. Healthier. Notice, that doesn't say "healthy," just "healthier." And believe you me, there's a long way to go.
  7. Is getting a better job a resolution? Or just a sensible precaution when my current employer (Young Broadcasting, owner of KCAL-TV, in Los Angeles) continues to use the charm and grace of a rampaging bull elephant as they "restructure" the station? I'm chalking it up to the resolution category.
  8. I want to reduce general clutter in my life. I have to start throwing things out, and loving it! I keep way too much. Thankfully, the digital revolution is helping. I can now convince myself that any clipping from any paper will be available via Internet or CD-ROM someday, and if I really need it, it'll all be out there in some vast information wasteland waiting for me.
  9. And I resolve to make better resolutions next year.

One final resolution -- I promise to keep all of you appraised on how this group turns out, as we journey through a rather jagged looking year (there's just something about 1997 that's aesthetically odd).

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