It happens to just about every web page, eventually.  Suddenly, there's a long period of time with no updates, and people wonder, "Hey, what ever happened?"  Well, the short answer is, the Monkey-Thon is no more.  We needed to grow, to try something different, to move on with our lives and look for a new way of doing things.

That "new way" has just launched, as part of The Colin Campbell Network.

It's in progress, right now, and you can tune in over at:

See you there!

But cyber-space, like love, means never having to say you're sorry ... for not updating a page.  So let the Monkey-Thon live on, in perpetuity, no longer as a living, evolving entity, but as a snapshop in cyber-time.  An archive, a repository, a "place" that only exists as bits and bites, but will hold on to that tenuous electronic reality for as long as possible.

Click here to begin your tour around the abandoned, haunted, built-on-an-old-Indian-burial-ground Monkey-Thon.