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Welcome to the MidGuard Universe!

MidGuard is a long-running “four-color” Champions campaign deliberately reminiscent of the great Silver Age superhero comics of the 1960’s and early 70’s. Heroes are good guys and villains are bad guys; no sociopathic clawed “heroes” or angst-ridden teens allowed. Rather than being set in a single city or even country, MidGuard is a highly respected globe-travelling team which has had adventures all over the world. The campaign universe is heavily influenced by film and fiction, with a strong flavor of conspiracy theories and pulp. In the campaign universe superhumans first went public in 2000, although persons with extraordinary abilities have been operating in legend and/or behind the scenes for literally millenia.


The MidGuard campaign began in 1992 under Hero 4th Edition rules and converted to 5th Edition shortly after its release. The campaign started with seven players (two of them GMs) and currently has eight active players (five of them GMs); only three of them from the original group. While the game originally featured active point, damage and defense caps, these were dropped in their entirety when the conversion to 5th Edition was made. Insofar as a “Rule of X” exists for this campaign, it is Speed + Damage Classes  <= 20; but this is a guideline and not a hard rule. Far more important is a commitment by all players not to step on another player character’s schtick and to welcome any opportunity to make another player’s hero shine. The game has also generated a spinoff lower-powered Dark Champions campaign and a Pulp Hero campaign set a century earlier.


Current active players (and their characters) in order of membership include:


Steve W. (Sil’f)

Chuck G. (Cyberknight & Prodigy)

Loren M. (Le Magister)

Tom G. (Thunderbird)

Jeff S. (Silhouette)

Dan D. (Cloud Dragon)

“CG” G. (Vesuvius)

Ramon S. (Doktor Zero)


Inactive or former players include:


David K. (Striker)

Steve S. (TK)

Fernie M. (Catseye)

Don J. (G-Force)

Dale M. (Sidestep & Icefire)

Chris F. (Echo)


The MidGuard Campaign is played in El Paso, TX


All of the members of the MidGuard gaming family dedicate this website to the memory of
David "Striker" Kelly: March 25, 1963 - March 7, 2011.
David, your contributions to our campaign will always be remembered and appreciated by us all.  Our condolences to your family.

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