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Jeff MITcHELL is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who worked at the Kennedy Space Center for 28 years. He is also a professor at the Florida Institute of Technology where he teaches, among other subjects, Rocket Propulsion. This makes him a real Rocket Scientist from MIT! He is a professional writer, he has written articles for the Encyclopedia of Space Technology published by McGraw Hill, and has published his book, Space Power Systems, which is available at Jeff also does a slide show presentation on Space Station processing to civic groups and at Science Fiction Conventions. He was a consultant for the Mission Space Ride at Epcot center (they actually used some of his ideas). He directed a pilot of a reality TV series, which was never picked up. In June 2013 he had an article published in Analog Science Fiction and Fact magazine about what it was like to work on the Space Shuttle. When he's not doing all these things, he writes science fiction (scientifically accurate, of course!)

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