Hand Speed

There are many different drills that can be done to improve your hand speed.  I am going to list a few that I have found to be

extremely effective.

  Striking Paper

Striking a piece of paper is an excellent way to improve your speed.  Not to mention how cost effective it is.  All of us should be able to afford a piece of paper!  What makes paper such a great tool is the fact that you don't have the tendency to tighten up as when facing a heavier target.  It is only natural when

squaring off with a larger target, such as a heavy bag, that the first instinct is to think about hitting as hard as possible.  Usually, thinking about hitting hard makes the body tense.  Tense,

un-relaxed muscles slow you down.  It's like driving your car with the parking brake on.  With paper as the target, you can relax and concentrate on speed and form.  Power is not an issue.


Find a way to hang a short staff horizontally and secure a piece of paper to it so that it hangs in front of you.  Several sheets of newspaper work well, or possibly, a plastic sheet protector.  Stand in front of it and practice your hand strikes.  You can use any hand technique that you wish to improve.

The key to making this work is in the concentration.  Concentrate on the form.  Make sure your entire body is relaxed prior to

Initiation.  Upon striking the paper, listen to the sound it makes.  You should hear a quick snap.  Pay attention to the way it feels when you hit the paper.  It should feel like a whip cracking on the surface.  Practice each punch a couple of hundred times three days a week for a month and I guarantee you will notice a




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