Bruce, being a philosopher as well as a martial artist made many statements such as the one above that related to his thoughts on JKD.  It is unfortunate that many of his writings have been misinterpreted since his death.  Some have so badly been misconstrued that the opposite meaning has been accepted as the truth.   

        In the above quote, he, in my opinion, was explaining how JKD does not rely on one specific technique or another to counter an opponent.  You should be able to adapt to the situation at hand.  As an attack approaches, you are ready with the appropriate response.  The opponents attack becomes your attack, as you fit into the opening created.  He states that JKD can "fit in with any style".  This does not mean that JKD can be added to any style to make it more efficient, or vice versa.  What it does mean is that JKD can counter an adversary regardless of their style or system.  It fits in, filling the gaps left by their commitment to attack.  JKD uses any means necessary to accomplish this task.  If grabbed you may bite, scratch, or pull hair.  If kicked you may kick back, punch, eye jab, or what ever best fits the situation.  JKD is not limited to only punching, or only kicking.  It is fighting with any ability you may have. 

         JKD does not need to borrow or adapt techniques from other styles to achieve its means.  Along with the philosophy, Bruce developed extremely effective ways of attacking, moving, and defending yourself.  Without knowledge of his methods, the practice of true JKD is impossible.  He spent his lifetime researching, through trial and error, the most efficient ways a human body can perform.   

What is JFJKD?

          JFJKD is the abbreviation for Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do.  A new organization has been formed to facilitate the teachings of Bruce Lee, calling themselves JFJKD.  The nucleus of this organization is comprised of many of Bruce's original students, along with Linda Lee Caldwell, and Bruce's daughter, Shannon.  For more information check out their web site at www.jkd.com

I am a member of this organization and support its efforts 100%. 

What is JKD?
Bruce & Kareem

" Jeet Kune Do favors formlessness so that it can assume all forms and since Jeet Kune Do is no style, it can fit in with any style.  As a result, Jeet Kune Do utilizes all ways and is bound by none and likewise, uses any technique or means which serves its end."     

- Bruce Lee