Regenerative Experientiality

by James Edward David Cline

There is an electronic circuit which keenly illustrates a fundamental life principle which might be called "regenerative experientiality", or "re" as an acronym. This principle had been taught by sages in ancient times, yet perhaps is more thoroughly specified in its electronic circuit counterpart. This circuit type is called the "regenerative receiver", or more commonly a powerful form called the "superregenerative receiver".

Exploring the qualities of this communications device, I noted the circuit's striking analogies with ancient sayings such as by Jesus and Sophecles, as described here. In fact, it may be fundamental to basic human higher-level experience.

The regenerative radio receiver was invented in the early days of radio. However, since it creates noise contaminating the very radio frequency spectrum it listens to, it is currently used only in such things as inexpensive walkie-talkie receivers, and car alarm receivers. It also is even yet poorly understood by electronics engineers, who find the more modern and quiet "superhetrodyne" type receivers clearly defineable. One of my tasks in a former job was to test/repair such superregenerative receivers and design/build/use test equipment for that task; being a creative person, one day I awoke to the similarities of this circuit's basics to other questions I had sought answers for in the distant past.

So here I will first describe that electronic circuit's qualities, then show how it exemplifies sage's sayings in ancient times, and then generalize it to a basic illustrative principle in contemporary human life experience.

The regenerative radio receiver "looks" for the signal it is set to receive, by creating that same signal in itself first. In that level of positive feedback where it almost breaks out in wild oscillation, if it has that same frequency added to it from the outside world, it will then oscillate more quickly and powerfully than if there were no "outside" signal present. The relative strength of its oscillation at that moment of start of oscillation, observed over a long series of such attempts to oscillate, provides a measure of the presence (or absense) of the selected signal. This observed pattern of relative strength over passage of time, then, is the signal being received.

A basic part of the principle here is that the signal to be received must first be created in the receiver itself.

Sophecles sagely said "Look and you will find it -- what is unsought will go undetected." David said "Thou settest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies." Jesus said "Seek and ye shall find, ask and it shall be given you, knock and it will be opened unto you." And one of the basic principles of contemporary spiritual practice is that of first visualizing oneself experiencing that which is sought in physical expression.

There is more than just a cute similarity here between sage's quotes and electronic circuit function. I believe a basic principle is involved, one worth researching.

The superregenerative receiver has some characteristic qualities in its functioning, such as that it creates specific signal noise around itself which can disrupt other receivers if they are too close. This "noise" is normally disruptive, but has the potential for being used intelligently for synchronizing a group of receivers to a common source. Masers and lasers function by the stimulated emission of electromagnetic radiation, creating intense narrow-band coherence. Such characteristics may well be applicable to the analogies in human life experience.

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