This page is about the author, Jim Cline (James Edward David Cline), nicknames of Jed or Dave besides Jim in the past. This page is an ongoing "Work In Progress", just as his life is too. Depending on your intent, pick your viewpoint:

For a woman possibly interested in romance, a long term relationship
For prospective employers
For a list of life achievements using the achievments process
For some photos
For family and friends

For a woman possibly interested in romance, a long term relationship:

Hi, my name is Jim, and I seek a woman for a long term relationship. I'm not the average man, so a special woman will need to find out what it is like to be around me.

What I seek in a woman is enjoyment of lots of physical closeness, tell-it-like it is conversation with interest and acceptance of whatever, moderate emotional content on the average, ability to explore new ideas such as I have elsewhere on these web pages; normal to lower weight, any height, any age woman (maybe 25-55).

I'd like to take long walks together with her, possibly go camping, hiking, enjoying the outdoors; explore museums, perhaps an occsional concert, movie together, do something new she especally like's to do that I had never done before, too; maintaining our continuing good health through holistic processes is important to me, and I hope she is open to that too, at least a little bit. If appropriate, I can be a gentle and helpful parent too. I'm unusually tolerant: I can endure almost anything except lack of lovemaking with woman.

My strengths include being a long term gentle lover, easygoing companionship, observant of her needs and helpful when asked to be involved; good health and stamina, good imagination, empathy if invited.

My weaknesses include a below-average social awareness, lack of interest in upmanship or competitive conflicts even in games, shorter than average at 5'7", 145 lbs; not very style conscious about my clothing, and not able financially to be an extravagent spender, little interest in parties or nightclubs, even in shopping; my shyness and social ineptitude somes is mistaken for some abnormal gender preference; I often have trouble fully understanding situations involving people in real time.

For those into Jungian terms, My psychetype is INFP: its positive side is of being an insightful enthusiastic innovator by nature.

For prospective employers

See my online resume at this URL

For a list of my life achievements: example of using the achievments process

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For some photos:

In 1990 holding SSI Space conference proceedings with his first published paper "Wet Launch of Prefab Habitat Modules")
In 1993 in an orange shirt
In 1998 toward the mountain
In 2000 after presenting my KSTS technical paper and seeing it published, finally, after 12 years effort

For family and friends

List of some things I've done which I call achievements
An experimental poem I wrote about a disk drive's inner workings
Notes from a workshop I took called "Writing Your Spiritual Autobiography"