A Cognitive Engine: INSCRIBE rev.1

Cognitive Engine: INSCRIBE REV.1

by J. E. D. Cline SSN#525-82-1047

1.) Look around in YOUR HERE-and-NOW, and 

    pick any noticed ATTRACTIVE PORTION of the 
    physical part, 

    MAGNIFYING WHATEVER BEAUTY can be found in it; 
    then describe:    

2.) Form your inspiration, first, 

   in terms of the EVOCATIVE CONNECTIVENESS DESIGN in the 
   things and events,      

 2a.) either while noticing ...

   the CONTENT of physical space...the SPECIFIC DISTINCTIONS 
   of the world...


 2b.) or, while noticing ...

   the INTERMINGLING ... MERGING ... FLOWING as part of 
   the whole creation.

           ... describe this in your words.

3.) Form your inspiration, second, 

   in terms of the SIGNIFICANCE of the parts in logical sequence,

 3a.) either while noticing ...

   the STRUCTURE of the internal or external environment...


 3b.) or else, while noticing ...

   the SYMBOLIC ESSENSES within.      

           ... describe this in your words.


4.) Then, either by ...

   DREAMILY CONTEMPLATING with your senses and an open heart 
   and mind... 

              or by ...

   CHOICEFUL ENVISIONING using any of your perceptive senses 
   such as vision ... 

  ... INSCRIBE a desireable imaginary change into this 
  physical scene.           

5. Then observe your ...


of the scene, and return to step #2 above, continuing...                       

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