Remember, the overall EARTH PLUS concept's purpose is to enable a great expansion of human civilization while removing much of the load on the earthsurface ecosystem, thus enabling earth's restoration.

The achievement of this project will require a major boost to the balanced harmonious functionality of every individual human being, as the task is very enormous and intense.The acronym used here for this part of the overall task is IBIHF, Increasing Balanced Individual Human Functionality ... ibihf.

I have collected a number of processes which appear useful in achieving IBIHF, to be listed or described here.

GOH = a Geosynchronous Orbiting Habitat ... a goh.

GOHRC = the Geosynchronous Orbiting Habitat Ring Civilization ... the Gohrc.

KESTS = Kinetic Energy Supported Transportation Structures ... kests.

EMCOMS = ElectroMechanically Coupled Orbital Mass Stream ... emcoms.

REE = Restored Earthsurface Ecosystem e-mail to me at

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