Electrical FIRE

This is transcribed from an ad received at a WESCON, by the T. Louis Snitzer Co. showing a reproduction courtesy of the Rosenbach Foundation, comparing the current state-of-the-art instrumentation (in 1966) with State-of-the-Art instrumentation in 1752.

Newport, March 16, 1752

Notice is hereby given to the Curious,

That at the COURT-HOUSE, in the Council-Chamber, is now to be exhibited,

and continued from Day to Day, for a Week or two;

A Course of Experiments, on the newly-discovered

Electrical FIRE:

Containing, not only the most curious of those that have been made and published in Europe, but a considerable Number of new Ones lately made in Philadelphia; to be accompanied with methodical LECTURES on the Nature and Properties of that wonderful Element.

By Ebenezer Kinnersley.

As the Knowledge of Nature tends to enlarge the human Mind, and give us more noble, more grand, and exalted Ideas of the AUTHOR of Nature, and if well pursu'd, seldom fails producing something useful to Man, 'tis hoped these Lectures may be tho't worthy of Regard and Encouragement.

Tickets to be had at the House of the Widow Allen, in Thames Street, next Door to Mr. John Tweedy's. Price Thirty Shillings each Lecture. The Lectures to begin each Day precisely at Three o'Clock in the Afternoon

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