Could grow a house

By James E. D. Cline

When as a youth my natural creativity had not focused on technology so much as it has now, the idea came to me that a house could be grown instead of carpentered. The ancient art of bonsai has some kinship to the idea.

Ingredients are a plot of land of your own good for growing things, the mind of a botanist-engineer, and 20 years to tend the growing house. Plant appropriate trees where one would have placed studs and posts of the house-to-be's walls. Plant dense growing bushes and vines between the trees to grow to fill in the walls. As the trees grow tall, when they reach to roof edge height, trim and bend them to create the framework of roof joists meeting along the roof crest areas. Lower branches near the ground are selected and encouraged to grow to form the floor joists for the ground floor and second story of the house to be. As the growing trees, bushes and vines reach window and door areas, divert their growing progress around the spaces for these openings; emplace the windows and door frames as soon as enough strength is there to hold them in place while growing solidly around them. Interior walls are fashioned similarly, as well as cupboards, closets and some furniture. Selecting among the many kinds of trees, bushes, and other plants will provide variety and optimum types for a given climate; finding biodegradable vegetable sealants and regenerating insulating plants would also improve things.

20 years is a long time to wait. But if one starts growing several homes at the same time, and starts growing a few more houses as the years go by, one will have a house to live in at the end of the 20 years time, several other houses to sell, and more on the way from then on to give to your kids and to sell to provide more income.

And there can be found a philosophy about growing up, too, in this....

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