JEDC's Life's Achievements

by James Edward David Cline

Upgraded 2004 11 13.

One of the exercises in a self-help process I was doing, was to list one's life achievements up to the present, starting with 5 achievements. I recommend it to all of you, this little exercise. My experience was to initially think that I had made no achievements; I was something of a failure, my overall impression of so very many life goals not reached. But keeping on with the exercise, I grudgingly thought one thing could be considered an achievement. Then another. With much effort 5 were listed, immediate task done with a sigh of relief. But in a few days, I thought of something else to add to the list. And another. My own personal definition of "achievement" got revised little by little. And so the following list is as it stands now, achievements listed in reverse chronological order, starting at the present time.

Here is a photo of me in 2002, holding the book in which one of my latest technical papers, "Kinetically Supported Bridge Vehicle Lift to GEO" was published:

Jim Cline in 2002

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